A few years ago in France :






Nadine was living in a tiny mountain village in Ardeche, France. Ardeche is a haven in France for the lovers of natural life. She bought an old traditional farm house and converted it to a Bed and Breakfast. She also had a huge garden where she was growing organic food and dedicated much time to save and promote traditional seeds, vegetables and plants. She was also a community activist for preservation and development of local tourist trails.


Pascal dedicated his time to growing traditional varieties of fruit trees, especially apple trees and horse chesnut trees. He was also an activist for preservation of traditional animal breeds : goats, donkeys, hens.



In Ecuador :

Pascal and Nadine were  yearning to discover new horizons that would further develop their love for all aspects of natural life. So they set sails to Ecuador and settled in a mountain region : Andine Sierra. They spent time discovering new varieties of vegetables, fruits, trees (guyava, chrimoya etc...) and animals (lamas....). It was here they decided to build their own Bed and Breakfast in adobe material and according to the local style.



Nadine enjoys discovering landscapes and people, their traditional ways to live, traditional medicines, especially herbal therapies and shamanism ; she also enjoys meeting people, living with them and solidarity.

 Pascal discovered Ecuador 20 years ago, did many trips there and traveled it's many regions. He enjoys its life and hiking in Andine Sierra; photography; discovering people and their history; sharing with tourists his love of Ecuador and the beauty through hiking.


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