Time needed :

1 a 2: 3 hours -  2 a 3: 2 hours

3 a 4: 1 hour-  4 a 5: 2 hours

 5 a 2: 3 hours –  2 a 1: 2 hours

 This is a total of 13 hours; add a rough 20% for a reasonable walking time.

 This 2 day hike can be adapted according to your priorities : walking, animal and flora observation; there are many locations to set up your tent, so it is possible to design your personal hike with a lot of flexibility.



at Rana Cantó

Canto you can get :

: tents, meals, maps, guides, transportation up to the trailhead and return to Cahuasqui.

For horse rides : you can rent horses at Sachapamba and get an equestrian guide.




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Pàramo of Cahuasqui,


Volcano Cayambé

Volcano Cotacachi









Lycopodium crassum









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